Hope for Lives in Sierra Leone was founded in 2011 by Thomas 'Bobby' Smith. Our first project was the construction of two fishing boats for a community in Murraytown, near Freetown. The two original boats helped feed as many as 100 people with each weekly expedition. In 2012, a third, larger boat was added to the fleet in the memory of Bobby's good friend, Keith Henderson. 

In early 2013, Hope for Lives constructed a library at St. Anthony's Primary School. We also collect clothing, computers, tools and other goods for shipping to SL. Our primary beneficiaries are the St. Anthonys school, Connaught Hospital, the Murraytown fishing families and the amputee/paraplegic community. 



Our mission is to empower the people of Sierra Leone with the skills, tools and education to improve their quality of life and reverse the cycle of poverty and death. Through our friends, donors and partners, we hope to build sustainable programs for providing food, shelter and medical assistance to make a difference in Sierra Leone.