This week, I traveled to CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia to participate in Ebola training. Classes consisted of personal protective equipment (PPE), utilization of ebola treatment units, and the proper hand-washing techniques to prevent contraction of Ebola when treating patients. 

Overall, this was a wonderful experience for all 14 of us who took part in the training. Getting up at 6am and finishing the last training and lecture at 8pm has been well worth it. We can all say we are ready and confident to take care of Ebola patients, as we return to our various countries to support.

Most importantly, we’re capable of sharing our wisdom, rendering our skills, our knowledge and ability to teach the medical personnel in these countries. Hope for Lives and the rest of these teams are not only on a mission to eradicate the Ebola virus, but also to educate, help with development on the healthcare system and build sustainable programs to our beloved countries.

In fact, one of our classmates left immediately for Liberia after our last training, and some are leaving soon for Sierra Leone and others are leaving later as well to Liberia.

All of us have a vision and care so much about these endangered countries. PA. Sandra (Emory hospital), Jane (Emory, flew affected Ebola patients), Dr. Christine (CDC), Dr. Ryan (CDC), Dr. Dianna (CDC), Dr. Charles (NY) Dr. Jeff (Pittsburg), Dr. Elinor (Washington State), Dr. Maggie (Washington State) Dr. Joanna (Atlanta) Dr. Sam (Scotland), Dr. Stuart (Italy) and Dr. Silvan (Berlin, Germany).

May God protect us all, and hope that we COME BACK HEALTHY!!!!!