We've been working on the Hope for Lives Computer Lab at St. Anthony's School for over a year now. We built the structure right next to the Hope for Lives Library and have been working on installation and configuration of the computers with the help of our IT guy and trainer Kemoh Tarawally.

Father Bassey of St. Anthony's Parish officially dedicated the computer lab in late September to coincide with the beginning of classes. We have to thank Jimmy Bruzon and Action4Schools for making improvements to the roof over the last two months as our lab building took a beating during the rainy season.

The Hope for Lives Computer Lab building (and the library) is on the boys side of the school, which is why most of the pics here are of the boys. Be assured however, that the girls and all of the school kids have regularly scheduled access to the computers. Our plan to make the computer lab sustainable is to allow the general public paid access as an internet cafe and to offer printing and other services. Public access will be scheduled around the school kids, who get first priority.