We have SO much catching up to do reporting our efforts in Sierra Leone. The last 6 months have been some of our highest activity to date. Last year we were introduced to a group called 'Hope Life Savers Clinic', a small 2-room clinic headed by a wonderful woman named Sia Fatmata Nyuma. Hope Life Savers Clinic had adopted our name after hearing about Bobby Smith and the work Hope for Lives had done throughout Sierra Leone. The two had never met and Bobby found out about their work, ironically, on his birthday last year. During the Ebola crisis, Hope Life Savers provided medical assistance to pregnant women when all of the hospitals were closed and helped orphaned children of Ebola victims. Sia is now the leader of what we call the Hope for Lives 'Dream Team'. The Dream Team has been visiting schools throughout remote areas of Sierra Leone including Waterloo, Regent, Wilburforce and Rotefunk, providing donations of books, schools supplies, donated clothing and shoes (thanks to Shoe Train in Potomac, MD). The Dream Team has visited dozens of schools and provided donated goods to tens of thousands of school kids in areas that are not supported by the government at all. Visit our Flickr photo gallery for many more images of the Dream Team in action.