On his January, 2012 visit to Sierra Leone, Bobby decided to go out on one of the boats we built to see how the guys fish. But, to make the journey even more productive, he decided to hold a CPR class on the boat while out in the Atlantic Ocean. Because of his 22 years of experience in the Emergency Trauma Unit at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, these techniques are like ‘drinking water’ for him.

As he says, “Saving lives is all I know.” In anticipation of his plan to go out with the guys on a small boat way out in the Atlantic Ocean, preserving his own life was the foremost thought on his mind. Apparently, 22 years of saving lives in the hospital Emergency Department doesn’t reduce the anxiety of an ocean journey on a tiny 20′ boat powered by a 15HP engine in the middle of the Atlantic surrounded by tankers and container ships.

Check out the video below.