Sheik Umar Khan

The selfless doctor, Dr. Sheik Umar Khan who had been attending to and treating Ebola patients has passed away, after contracting and battling Ebola. Let's not also forget the nurses that have also lost their lives, and other lives in Guinea and Liberia due to this virus. May all your souls rest in peace and we say thanks for all the work you all have done. 

The battle continues and they still need our help. They don't have the resources to bring this virus to an end tomorrow. Let us all work together to bring this virus to it's knees. Please make some calls, Everybody knows somebody that knows somebody that can help.

They need the help out there, the medical staff are dying because of lack of help and resources they needed. Sierra Leone went through the civil war and overcame, so we believe with God's help and teamwork, we can win this battle too.

We'll be leaving in few weeks to give our support, and if you can join, make some plans, or at least make some calls. We still need our people and our people need us. Our sweet, sweet Salone. 

Remember! Prayers, prayers and your support conquers everything!