In July 2015, Suburban Hospital Johns Hopkins made a huge step toward improving health care in Sierra Leone with the donation of seven Beckman Coulter Hematology and Immuno-assay machines, which finally arrived in Sierra Leone in April 2016.

This one effort will be the biggest thing we have accomplished to date. Currently, there are no machines of this kind in the entire country. Any comprehensive blood and urine testing must be sent out of the country for analysis at considerable expense, which very few can afford. View the video demo/introduction of these machines by Oliver Swann and Shauntaya Durant, two lab technologists at Suburban Hospital. The recent shipment also contained a number of donated cardiology machines (ECG/Stress) .

We have identified a destination facility and Beckman Coulter has been very helpful in their commitment in set up and working out logistics for the sustainability for these vital machines.