Computer Lab - Photos from arrival day, prior to completion and equipment installation.

Computer Lab - Photos from arrival day, prior to completion and equipment installation.

It's late February and Bobby Smith returned to Sierra Leone to oversee the completion and installation of the computer lab at St. Anthony's School. As you may know, the Hope for Lives Computer Lab is conveniently located a few steps from the Hope for Lives Library at St. Anthony's School.

Our recent shipment has arrived in Sierra Leone including the seven Hematology Analyzers and Immunoassay machines, a variety of specialized cardiology equipment, a lot of medical supplies and whatever else we could fit into the shipping container. We don't know yet the destination for all of this equipment, but with all that has been collected, we could probably open one of the best equipped hospitals in West Africa. We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

As of this writing, Bobby has yet to return to to the U.S. to regale us with stories of his activity in Sierra Leone. He travels to Africa with a general idea of what he has to accomplish, but things often expand to include time with the St. Anthony students, feedings, health screenings, distribution of shoes, visiting the amputees and other activities. I can't wait to post the photos.

For now, we'll just encourage you to donate to Hope for Lives. Unfortunately, much of the funding for these projects and travel associated comes out of Bobby's tiny pockets. We are ever grateful to our donors of medical supplies and equipment, particularly Suburban Hospital Johns Hopkins and Bobby's cardiologist friends.

Your monetary donations are what pays to ship these valuable donated goods to Sierra Lone, so please help us keep up the pace of relief and opportunity.