Thanks to the team at Brother's Brother Foundation for storing the equipment and helping us with loading and shipping.

Thanks to everyone that supported the lab/medical container. Its finally gone and in few weeks it will be in Sierra Leone.

Thanks to Suburban hospital, Medical Service Solution, Bethesda Cardiology, Brother's Brother Foundation and to individuals that donated single items. This wouldn't have been possible without your support. We hope you will continue to support us.

Now it's all about training, so if you have the skills come and train our people. They're willing to learn and to develop the country. We want to bring Sierra Leone on the good side of the map once again.

The instruments are going to be there and with God's help we will continue to send instruments. As we all know without the supplies there's no teaching or training. No more about who's going to be training the people, or how will they know how to use the machines. The machines are going to be there so all of us have try to make this happen. We have to give Sierra Leone a chance regardless of the circumstances. We can all do this for the sake of the country.

Sierra Leoneans wants to stay in the country for assistance instead of traveling somewhere else for help. Remember not everyone can afford it. Not too long ago Sierra Leone use to be the place to be before the war, so please lets work together and bring that back. The more supplies the better chance and knowledge for more skills. But the most important thing is for us to build a brighter tomorrow for the generations to come.

Hopefully in few weeks from now the flood survivals container will follow!! We will need a lot of help with that.

Be blessed!