We visited a small one-bedroom clinic in Wilberforce, Freetown. Hope for Lives has been providing medical supplies to this clinic called, Hope Life Savers Clinic. During our visit to the clinic, more than a hundred women and children waited to visit with us. I was in tears the entire time. Looking at many of them, you can see hope from their eyes.

During the Ebola virus, a lot of pregnant women lost their lives. Pregnant women were not allowed in the hospitals during the Ebola virus. This clinic, with a midwife and two staff members, were one of the few clinics in the country that risked their lives to deliver pregnant women during the Ebola virus. 

The midwife told us, women just walked in and delivered in her living room, and sometimes right in front of her door step without any notice. This midwife is one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met. Most of the time, the women could not afford to pay, so she'll deliver the baby and in the morning and give the mother some food to take home with her baby.

The women and children waited to meet with us to say thanks for the medical supplies we provided to the clinic during the time of the Ebola crisis. With our supplies, this helped save and protect so many lives.